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Based just north of Charleston South Carolina in historic Mt Pleasant, the Three Pegs are a strings trio of high school seniors composed of a cello, viola and violin.  These young men have been performing together for over seven years starting as part of a public school orchestra  and Charleston County District Honors Orchestra.  They currently perform with the Charleston Symphony Youth Orchestra. Together as a Trio since High School, they have performed in various locations around Charleston SC.


While busking one evening in the busy historic center of downtown, the Trio was "discovered" by a local restaurateur, Allan Vandall of Tommy Condon's Irish Pub & Restaurant.  They were invited to play inside (air conditioning & stage available!) on a regular basis.  Other performances followed including private weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, just because parties, fund raisers and gallery openings.  The Trio has even been honored to perform for several private wedding proposals (all have said "YES"). 


The Trio gained a bit of notoriety and buzz with their classmates and teacher's when they were featured in the summer issue of a local magazine, Mt Pleasant Lifestyle Magazine.  This spring they created more buzz by wining  FIRST PLACE in the school talent show with Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer  (it was tough competition with some talented folks!).  


With a repertoire of over 50 contemporary and classical pieces including Beatles classics, Led Zeppelin's  Stairway to Heaven, and selections from artists such as Green Day, Queen, Leonard Cohen and Cold Play, the Trio is equally skilled in such classical favorites as Beethoven's Minuet and Mozart's  Eine Kline Nachtmusik Romanza !  They absolutely raise the roof with their renditions of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and Gun's N' Roses'  Sweet Child 'O Mine .  I have to mention my favorite, Sam rocks the cello on the theme from Game of Thrones (winter is here!).  Unfortunately we do not have the arrangement for Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird - yet.


GAGE ANDREWS, violist, 

attends Academic Magnet High School and has a passion towards science and engineering leveraging a musician's background.  Gage has been experimenting arranging cover songs as well as composing his own work.  As well as playing the viola (Not a Violin), he dabbles on the piano, guitar, bass, timpani drums and is working on mastering the trumpet (And he Sings!). 




our spokesman during the Trio's performances, attends the prestigious Charleston School of the Arts as a member of the orchestra (violin player of course) and participates in the Charleston Symphony Youth Orchestra.  Aidan also plays the piano and arranged several of our contemporary songs.



SAM CARSON, cellist & guitarist,

attends Academic Magnet High School, and is credited with naming the group which is based on three pegs rather than the standard four on a cello/ violin or viola.  Sam plays multiple instruments and enjoys creating custom arrangements of music scores.  Sam has expanded the Trio's repertoire by including the guitar.

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